OMISS Awards General Information

Welcome to the OMISS Awards Information Page. Everything you might want to know about OMISS Awards is accessible from this page including a list of all awards, all award rules, and all known recipients of each award.

We have also added the ability to produce a report of all awards for any OMISS member, which we hope you will find useful. (see menu choice on the sidebar)

New: As of September 11, 2011, members now have the option of receiving Awards Certificates by email. Members taking advantage of this option will receive their certificates by email, which may be saved and printed out at their leisure. The normal $1.25 fee for awards processing will be waived when receiving your certificate by email—it is free and applies only to paper certificate awards. To take advantage of this option, please inform the Awards Manager that you prefer to receive your award by email when you submit your next award application.

About the OMISS Awards
All awards are available to OMISS member stations only.

Unless specified otherwise in the rules for a specific award, a single contact may be used for multiple awards as long as it meets all of the requirements for each award.

Unless specified otherwise in the rules for a specific award (e.g. Membership Award), contacts with non-members may be used by a member working towards an award, even if the non-member does not become a member in the future.

Contacts made by a member with a non-member are valid retroactively for ALL awards if, and when, the non-member becomes a member.

Non-members may use contacts made with members retroactively after they obtain an OMISS membership number.

All contacts must be made on net frequencies and during net times to be valid for any of the awards. Unless otherwise specified in these rules, only log info will need to be sent in when qualifying for the awards. (There are on-line forms available for your convenience - these may be printed and mailed in via US Postal Mail, or submitted via email as a PDF file.) Signal reports are not required in the info sent. The ARRL DXCC Countries list and the and NACO counties lists will be used for all awards based on countries and counties worked, respectively.

SPECIAL NOTE: As of March 26, 2007 by OMISS Board of Directors action, the practice of having to have QSL card verification for any OMISS awards has been eliminated. As of this date OMISS will use the honor system for their awards and log information is all that will be required.

Award Fees
Contacts for all awards may be made on any of the bands used by the OMISS Net at net times. Unless otherwise stated, such as for certain Award Plaques, all Awards will require a $1.25 fee. Endorsements require a $1.25 fee. Endorsements are available depending upon the award that is applied for. If the original application for these awards shows that an endorsement can be applied, that endorsement can be applied at no additional charge .


OMISS now accepts PayPal as an optional payment method for Awards Fees.

The OMISS paypal address is OMISS@COX.NET

Current Fee Schedule (As of 2/15/2010)

All Awards and Endorsements are $1.25 each. If you pay an awards fee using PayPal, the cost is the same.

It is very important that the applicant include their Name, Call Sign, OMISS Number, and the Award(s) they are paying for, in the PayPal "MESSAGE:" area. This is located at the bottom of the PayPal payment confirmation screen.)

The Log Entry Sheet must accompany the Award Application to be sent to the awards manager. The Log Entry Sheet shall be checked closely by the OMISS Awards Manager to insure that all contacts were made on OMISS Net frequencies and at net times.

Awards are numbered sequentially, according to order issued. Contacts submitted for qualifying for any of the awards may be made on any of the nets of the Society. Log information sheets submitted for awards will not be returned since they become part of the record if the award is issued.

James D. Kittlesrud, WB8GCF
60 N 550 E
Ephraim, UT 84627

For any questions or comments, contact the OMISS Awards Manager.

PayPal Option

OMISS accepts PayPal for Membership and Awards payments..

The fees for payments submitted via PayPal are the same as cash payments.

Click here to read more on our PayPal FAQ page.