OMISS Clergy Roster / Activity Report

This report shows the last known checkin date for Clergy Stations

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OMISS Clergy Activity Report

OM # Call Name Date Last Checkin
1505N4JLTKENNETH2019-01-09 04:42:20 (80m)
1825KA4TLCRICKY2019-01-05 18:01:14 (15m)
2153N0GUERALPH2017-12-08 03:06:38 (40m)
3313KI0QSCLYDE2018-03-27 03:11:11 (40m)
4939N9OVDAVE2019-01-17 20:43:58 (20m)
5220K4CMQPAUL2018-10-21 02:44:22 (40m)
7078N0JRJGEORGE2017-11-09 03:08:19 (40m)
7327WB8RWMBOB2019-01-17 05:04:31 (80m)
8029WV8KDCKEN2019-01-14 05:35:17 (160m)
8153ND4BTDAN2018-05-26 03:34:34 (40m)
9848N6NRRICK2018-04-27 03:08:18 (40m)
11193N9YBKMATTHEW2018-12-08 20:54:21 (20m)