OMISS First Responder Directory

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The following list of OMISS members have indicated that they currently work or have worked in one of the occupations classed as First Responders:

 D = Dispatcher at a Joint Comm. Center, County, City or Department level

 E = EMT or Paramedic serving in the public or private sector

 F = Firefighter including federal, state, county and city departments, F/T, P/T and volunteer

 P = Police including federal, state, county, city law enforcement and reserve components

 R = Volunteers Supporting First Responders including VIPS, SAR, CAP, and CGAUX

 OMISS members from foreign countries will substitute appropriate governmental level equivalent.

Omiss First Responders

 OM #  Call   Name   D   E   F   P   R   Status 
62W5ERED EF  Both Retired
100N4ACSJAMES  FP Both Inactive
185KA0AKDICK  F  Inactive
307KX2JRONALD  F  Inactive
476K4DMHDOUG   P Inactive
486NX4CWES EF  Both Retired
619W9AVMJAMESD    Retired
648AA1LODAVID   P Retired
792W8YQJWILLIAM   P Inactive
884AA0GLMARSHALLD F  Both Retired
920KZ2TROB   P Retired
921N2DWSART   P Retired
962K4JRKJEFFERY  F  Inactive
1013N4GYYFRANK   P Active
1142KK0IJACK EFP All Inactive
1244W1OWLDAVID EF  Both Retired
1366KA3FNHKENNETH  F  Active
1520N3PMMIKE EF  Active/Retired
1561WD2AKMBOB EF  Both Active
1775KB1XIDON EF  Both Retired
1797NA1OROB EF  Both Inactive
1825KA4TLCRICKYDEF  Inactive/Retired/Retired
1894KJ4PMAC   P Inactive
2031WA4ICKSAM   P Inactive
2095W3ZRBOBDEFP All Active
2167KF7UXBOB  F  Inactive
2233AG7LBLOUDEF  All Retired
2415K4OBLSTEVE EF RAll Inactive
2496N4TFKLEON E   Active
2508W4JPVTOMMY   P Inactive
2526KX8VVICTOR  F  Inactive
2545AA1VATERRY E   Inactive
2855W8JYJESSE E P Both Inactive
2879NA6WCLAUD   P Retired
2976N1ARSBILL   P Retired
3013WA2QOMDARIN  F  Inactive
3192KK7HMIKE   P Retired
3218K1ZNJEFFREY  F  Retired
3281KF9SUMARSHALLD  P Both Inactive
3288K0RCJDICK EF  Both Inactive
3313KI0QSCLYDE E   Inactive
3355AB4SMSTEVE   P Active
3417KK5ZBMICHAEL   P Retired
3613AC9OTJOHN   P Active
3646KA5AGMHAROLD   P Inactive
3672WU8QJRD    Active
3710AF4MAJOHN  F  Inactive
3733K9TLDOUG EFP All Inactive
3790KI0PRGARY EF  Both Active
3830KK6AWKELSEY EFP All Retired
3920KC2ATKJOHND    Active
3929KB7VOLTOM E   Active
3947KC4ZHCSTEVE  F  Inactive
3996N4NTADAMDEFP Inactive/Active/Active/Active
4039AC0OFDAN EF  Both Inactive
4066N0RHSJOHNDEF  All Inactive
4076KD5LULWES EF  Active/Inactive
4116W4GTEDAVID  F  Retired
4120AC7DWPETE   P Inactive
4143WM5LJIMDEF  Retired/Active/Active
4146N3LJSROB  F  Inactive
4207W6OVHJERRY  F  Retired
4223KA9GLXHARLEN   P Retired
4242KK7SRMEL  FP Both Inactive
4249AF5QROND  P Active/Inactive
4266W5ETMED EF  Active/Retired
4328KQ9KXPAUL EF  Inactive/Active
4329N0WJHTERRYDE   Both Retired
4344K0RFHR.J. EF  Both Retired
4346W7MEVMIKE EFP Retired/Retired/Active
4355N3TSVJIMDEF  All Retired
4364N9PUPGREG EFP All Active
4366K9DXRRUSS EF  Both Retired
4376W9QXDAVID   P Inactive
4377KO2QFRANK  F  Inactive
4384WA3SYRBILLD  P Both Retired
4413KG9IABOBD  P Both Retired
4417K7PGLRANDY  F  Retired
4450N8SLSDANAD F  Retired/Active
4494W8QFDAVE EF  Both Inactive
4538KA8MMINEIL   P Inactive
4558N0RUTRICK   P Active
4564W8DUQGREGG E   Active
4565W4RJFRONNIE  FP Both Retired
4569KA5SNGSAM   P Retired
4587NM4BSAM   P Active
4597W0CIJERRYD  P Both Inactive
4631KI9KTOM EFP All Retired
4652AE9DXJOHND  P Both Inactive
4667WB1ETJLARRYDEFP Active/Inactive/Active/Inactive
4691K4SHACHARLIE E   Retired
4695K9TPWTIM   P Retired
4697WD5JNCJOHN E   Retired
4715AJ1MJAYD F  Both Inactive
4724KC5VGDJIM  FP Both Inactive
4734K4OPJOHN EF  Inactive/Active
4758K1MFPCHARLIE  F  Retired
4801WB0RJHGREGDE P All Retired
4831K9PEPPAUL  F  Retired
4844KL0WXHAL E   Active
4870W0SIMSHAWND    Active
4878K7EKGARY   P Retired
4889K6ONBOB   P Retired
4906AC7MVDAVE   P Retired
4916W7CEGCHARLIE   P Active
4921KA9VAATOM   P Retired
4936K0BWJWAYNE   P Active
4962W8CSAED E   Active
4977K5WPNWADED  P Both Retired
4987KA5SIGBRIAN   P Active
5002KC4QNWDENNIE   P Retired
5052W4RBSTAN  F  Retired
5061K0YGDAN   P Active
5088KB5FLFCARLETON   P Inactive
5110N0SMXDENNIS   P Active
5134N3UGIJOE EF  Inactive/Active
5144WA7HYDBOB   P Inactive
5158AI4HOMARKD  P Both Retired
5193WI7BKENDE   Both Active
5210W9VRFLOYDD  P Retired/Active
5212K5BEZBRETT  F  Retired
5226AB2NMDONDE   Both Inactive
5240K6RFHALD  P Retired/Inactive
5245K5ZUJOHN   P Active
5248W4OSROND F  Both Retired
5249N4EMABILLDE P Retired/Inactive/Retired
5271WA5OKDAVE EF  Both Retired
5295AA4EZRAY EFP All Inactive
5305KB4OZOZZIE   P Retired
5307KC1AUBOB  F  Retired
5313KB9IOTDAVID E   Inactive
5315W9SMIBUTCH EF  Both Inactive
5354K8SSNDAVE E   Active
5391K8WFLTIM  F  Inactive
5392W8CFIGEORGE   P Retired
5396KC5QCBJANET EF  Both Inactive
5458N3LWMBILL  F  Retired
5464N8TZSTEVE  F  Active
5487N8DODJIM   P Retired
5519N8HSODAVE E   Retired
5542K5CBSCECIL EF  Both Active
5549W4YQYDAL   P Inactive
5563NX7FDAVE   P Retired
5579W4UIIDAN   P Active
5580WB9RASBILL E   Active
5592KE5DLZSTEVEDE   Both Inactive
5593KO4LLLOYDD F  Both Inactive
5607K4LSBEARL E P Both Retired
5628KF4MHRED   P Retired
5629W8ROYROY   P Active
5631AC0RVDAVE  F  Retired
5650KC8YEDSTEPHENDEFP Inactive/Active/Inactive/Inactive
5657K5OPJIMMY  FP Inactive/Active
5664KA5GTMDENNIS E   Inactive
5676KA4DLWBUDDYD    Inactive
5685NM5XDFRITZ   P Active
5705K1RYROYD F  Inactive/Active
5708W7CARDAVE E   Retired
5710W4CLQSTEVE E   Active
5714KD4NGACHUCKD    Active
5734N7HHCMIKE  F  Inactive
5740W4WKNDAVED F  Both Inactive
5741K5DWIBOB E   Retired
5755W7JYPETE EF  Both Inactive
5756W4JRVJEFF   P Active
5757N7LMTCHUCK  F  Retired
5759KC0STQTOM   P Retired
5762KC9QPODAN  F  Inactive
5763K7ANETIMD  P Both Inactive
5778N1TKOJERRY  F  Retired
5786N5WLWLARRY EFP Active/Inactive/Inactive
5797KI4QMKJOHN  F  Retired
5830KB1ODOANDY EF  Both Inactive
5832AA4SHSTEVE  F  Active
5837W0JAYJAY  F  Active
5853N5ARKTROYDEFP All Active
5855WB0SJACKD  P Both Retired
5856KI4HPXVICTOR EF  Both Retired
5870KC0UFPLANCE  F  Active
5871KI4EMEPAUL E P Both Inactive
5877NJ0EJOEDE   Active/Inactive
5878N5GUYGUY E   Retired
5883K4KGTDOND  P Both Inactive
5887K8GIRICKD  P Both Retired
5888KL1AUNANCY E   Active
5895K5TRMTANDY E   Inactive
5910K0SDWSTAN  F  Retired
5914KA8YITTERRY E   Retired
5923KE7JNBDON   P Retired
5927K4JTNJEFF E   Active
5930KG4NMHBEN E   Inactive
5938VE3VIDDAVE E   Inactive
5954KC0SNASTEVE  F  Active
5956AD7OYCHUCK EFP Inactive/Retired/Retired
5958K8NEZTIMDEF  Inactive/Active/Active
5962N4LBHSAM   P Inactive
5964K6WMDDARREN   P Active
5979KI4QAJJOHNNY  FP Both Active
5983KC8OHQDOUG   P Retired
5986N8VFHARRY EF  Both Retired
5992KG4ZODDONNIE   P Retired
5993N2ACMART  F  Inactive
6000KG4CNAALLEND    Inactive
6001NX0PRODGER  F  Retired
6003WA4ARCRON   P Retired
6004AJ4DWCARL   P Inactive
6011AA7MTLOREN  F  Active
6017K5JNEJIM  FP Active/Retired
6021KM5MSDALE EF  Both Inactive
6026KA4DQJTOM   P Retired
6033KB0TLCJIM E   Active
6036W4ANTALANDEFP All Inactive
6037W3NZED  F  Retired
6044K9EZZSTEVE   P Retired
6051KB1OUWRAYDEF  All Active
6053W4EHZROBERT   P Inactive
6065WB3CMJIM EF  Inactive/Active
6066K0JDDJOHN    RInactive
6068KD5EWORICK EFP Retired/Retired/Inactive
6075KB8UEYROBERTDEF  Inactive/Active/Active
6083KI5DQJAMES E   Active
6087KB2KWDMIKE EF  Both Active
6089AI4WUCHUCK EF  Both Retired
6090KQ6HAJOHN EF  Both Inactive
6099N1SPXCHUCK  FP Both Inactive
6111WZ8KTIM EFP All Active
6114N5EMSGARY E   Active
6131W7TEALAN  F  Inactive
6141W4DHXJOHN   P Active
6148NK0VAREND EF  Both Active
6158W4ZPHGEORGE   P Retired
6189AJ0PGLENN   P Retired
6209W1WMLGEORGE  F  Retired
6225AF5OCHRISDEFP All Active
6241N3TNQHOWARD EFP All Inactive
6244KA5EMTRICK E   Inactive
6254W0TAXCHARLIE E   Retired
6256KC5SPRPHIL E   Active
6274N8QDRJ.R.   P Retired
6275W8EMTMIKE  F  Inactive
6280AI4WFDALE E   Active
6283N1ZYGMARKD    Active
6284WX5SDSTEVE   P Inactive
6292N7JECJIMDEF  All Retired
6310WT4NJOE   P Retired
6323N4NKAJIM  FP Both Inactive
6327W1MSNRICHARD EF  Active/Retired
6333KD5ZEWJOHN EF  Both Active
6349KA5VZGALAN  FP Both Retired
6363W4JHUALEX  F  Inactive
6369N4DJJDAVE   P Active
6375WB8GIPJIM EF  Both Retired
6378N1RNJGARY EFP All Active
6388WM5HBOBBYD  P Both Retired
6410WX2MIGTONY  F  Active
6428KB3ONZTOM  FP Active/Inactive
6430N4SLCSTEVE   P Active
6433KC2SYFMIKE   P Active
6469KC8WPJDAVID EF  Both Inactive
6485N1CETOMMY EF  Both Retired
6499K0JSCJEFFDEF  All Active
6530AB3ENDANDE   Both Retired
6535NU6DRICK   P Retired
6566KE5ZDUJEFF EFP Inactive/Active/Inactive
6576KD8BTADAN EF  Both Active
6594WT5ZZDOUG EFP Active/Inactive/Active
6603KB9TYTTIM EF  Both Retired
6628W6OTTMIKE   P Active
6632NI5RED  F  Retired
6645N1DNPHIL E   Inactive
6646ND4MRDAVE E   Inactive
6651KE4BCFBOB   P Retired
6655N2FSUMIKE  F  Retired
6660N0WOKDAREN E P Active/Inactive
6668K5WTTTOM   P Active
6671N7EDKED  F  Inactive
6674N2PNETOM   P Retired
6675KE5ZSLEDDIE EFP Active/Active/Retired
6681KD0YDAVE   P Active
6683W5ORABILLD FP All Inactive
6688WW9MLEE  F  Inactive
6701N3HISJOHN E   Retired
6706KB1RRBBILL  FP Inactive/Active
6712N9RLZKEN EF  Both Retired
6716KI6WOXMIKE    RActive
6718W0LFZROB  FP Both Inactive
6723W0VLWVANCE   P Retired
6732N0TWEBILL EF  Both Active
6734KD0HKDRANDYD  P Both Retired
6735AA5LTLYNDELL  F  Active
6740KK2DXRICK   P Active
6748WO8AMARK  F  Retired
6749W2SMMSCOTT EFP Active/Active/Retired
6757KB1KUNJIM EF  Both Inactive
6758KA9OVJSTEVE E   Active
6759N3KYRHARRY  F  Inactive
6760AF5KGARY   P Retired
6764NA4LDAVED    Inactive
6766N9CJSJAHN E   Active
6768N5WNEDAVID E   Active
6783KJ4NUSSTEVEDEF  All Inactive
6784AD7MQRAY E   Inactive
6788W9ZTHZACHDEFP Active/Active/Inactive/Inactive
6790KA8LMZRON   P Inactive
6798W5COFBARRY EFP All Inactive
6801AE2AMITCH EF  Inactive/Active
6802AF7WTERRY EF  Both Retired
6807KC8PJSKEVINDEF  All Active
6814KK7XTBILLD  P Inactive/Active
6818KJ4KVCCHUCKD FP Inactive/Active/Inactive
6819VE3TEHTERRY E   Active
6823AK7DDPHIL   P Active
6826WA2KDEJOE EF  Both Active
6830KE7MUXKENTD F  Both Inactive
6852W7DMVBILLY   P Inactive
6861W7FYVDAVE   P Retired
6863KB0EPYMICHAEL EF  Both Inactive
6865W1DAADOUG   P Retired
6866WA2BEVJIM E P Both Retired
6867K2FEFFRED E P Inactive/Retired
6872KZ1QDON E P Inactive/Active
6878KF5CCNBRIAN  F  Inactive
6893N5ASUBRUCE   P Inactive
6898KB1PLYRORY EF  Both Active
6900WB4OMMSTEVE   P Active
6904KE5YSVJUSTIN  F  Active
6911W1LWTLEE  F  Inactive
6916K4OYYROGER  FP Inactive/Retired
6919WW6EMSCHARLIE EF  Both Active
6954WA6VCNGERRY  F  Inactive
6961N2GRSGLENN EF  Both Active
6962KC2TFIBOBD F  Active/Retired
6963W8JJRJIMDEF  Active/Retired/Retired
6982KB9STBMYRON EFP Active/Active/Inactive
6984K5HLHHARRY   P Active
6986KC0BQWJIM E   Active
7009K8GIBROBDEFP Active/Inactive/Inactive/Retired
7013N4RRLJOE E   Inactive
7019K6HPED E P Both Retired
7033NV0NJOEY EFP Active/Inactive/Active
7038W4NKCTIM E   Active
7047K0CPOPARK   P Inactive
7053AD5OWJIM   P Active
7056K2MKDTED EF  Both Active
7057KC1EMSTHOM EF  Active/Retired
7058N4JJRJIM E   Inactive
7059N0LAPGEORGED    Retired
7060W4VTHSKIP  FP Both Inactive
7068KG3ZTOM   P Active
7078N0JRJGEORGE  F  Active
7079K0RNICHARLIE  FP Both Retired
7090N5SJXJAMIEDE P Inactive/Active/Inactive
7093K8CFCLINT  F  Retired
7094N5VPJOHN   P Inactive
7098KE5SOOWALT EF  Active/Inactive
7100W7JDBDAVID  F  Inactive
7110KF5GZJMICHAEL   P Retired
7117KB3UAKMARC  F  Inactive
7123W3AGTALLEN EF  Both Inactive
7128KB2SKFMARK EF  Both Active
7131KE7YUGKEN E   Inactive
7142K9TNDBOB E   Retired
7144W1YBJOHNNE E   Retired
7150N7KFDOUGLAS EF  Both Inactive
7153K8YZKKURTD    Inactive
7154OA4DIDAVE  F  Active
7156W7EMCERIC   P Retired
7183N3CTRGARY E   Inactive
7191N0CELCARLDEF  Inactive/Active/Active
7207WA8HHESTEVE   P Retired
7208KB0WSWTONYDE P Inactive/Active/Active
7210N3BRMATTD F  Both Inactive
7218KC2RIGDAVE EF  Both Active
7234KL7JEFJEFF EF  Both Inactive
7235KF7LLMBRETT  F  Active
7246W1RNRBUDDY  F  Active
7248KM5XKDON  F  Retired
7249AB8KTKEN EF  Both Active
7253K0HANMICHAEL (STCAP)  F  Inactive
7257WB0WKITOMD    Inactive
7266N4DCRBARRYD  P Active/Inactive
7274K9SXRON EF  Both Active
7284KC5HROBERT  FP Active/Inactive
7325KB8RCRRYAN EF  Active/Retired
7327WB8RWMBOBDEF  All Retired
7328KR4JYJIM   P Retired
7329AK4FPJIM E P Both Retired
7340WA4HBQB.R.   P Retired
7345NG2GMARK  F  Inactive
7347WB9OKCMIKE EFP Inactive/Inactive/Retired
7348K5CKEDUANE  F  Inactive
7351KJ6BIGTOM   P Retired
7353WB9PDXRON   P Active
7361KD0HXQDEAN   P Active
7362N2WKTMIKE EF  Active/Inactive
7364K1REVREV GLENN EF  Retired/Inactive
7370KJ7BBBOBBIEDEF  All Retired
7398N4MRWMATT   P Active
7400KJ4RVAJERRYD  P Both Active
7405W2MWIBILL   P Retired
7406W2CCWCHUCK EF  Both Active
7416K8RAPRANDALL  F  Inactive
7418KM7NADAM   P Active
7423WA7WXQDOUG  F  Active
7429N5NNMIKE E P Both Inactive
7451N5JWHBILL   P Inactive
7455W3GFMKENNETH EFP Active/Inactive/Inactive
7456KI4TXIDONNIE EF  Both Inactive
7469KK4EUJWAYNED    Retired
7481KC9SLNDIANA E   Retired
7483KA3TCBDONALDD  P Both Retired
7511NO3GSTEVE   P Retired
7520KC0CVSSHAWN   P Active
7527KD8MJGREGG   P Retired
7529WA4JAJOHNDEF  Retired/Inactive/Active
7540W8RMFROGER  FP Retired/Active
7544KF7MBIARMANDO EF  Both Inactive
7548KF0XONORB   P Inactive
7549KD5UTLDANIEL E   Active
7551KJ4ZVUWAYNE E P Both Inactive
7557N3RBHRON EF  Both Retired
7562KB3UOUBRUCE  F  Active
7566K8JTDJEFFDEFP All Retired
7575KE5AKICARL EFP All Active
7576KD0IRLJASON  F  Active
7587N4JRWSTEVE EF  Both Retired
7593KK9WSTEVE  F  Active
7597W2REATERRY   P Active
7620KF5CRGJAMES  F  Active
7622KB5RUSRUSSELL EF  Both Inactive
7625AC0TTRICK EF  Both Inactive
7628W4EDHEDGAR   P Retired
7647WB8DDESCOTT EF  Active/Inactive
7656N8RLGROBERT E   Active
7664KB3AYYED  F  Active
7675KD8IHOGORDON E   Inactive
7681N5RLNBOB   P Retired
7685N9GSURICK EF  Both Retired
7695AE7OZMIKE   P Retired
7696WB7BALBRIAN EF  Both Active
7701K4HVFJEFF  F  Active
7703AE7OYPAT   P Retired
7719KJ4AGABRIAN  F  Active
7721W0THXPAT EF  Both Active
7722AC2FECRAIG  F  Active
7733N8TRQJ EF  Both Active
7738WA3AOPRICHIE EF  Both Retired
7740WB9SFKBARRY  FP Both Inactive
7751N4AEPTONY  FP Inactive/Active
7754KB4HJQDJ  FP Both Retired
7765KC9UAEED EF  Both Active
7767KC5HAVJAMES  F  Inactive
7769W5GILGIL  F  Active
7787WY7BRBRIAN E   Active
7798KC5HAUDEE EF  Both Inactive
7806NA9DSDOUG   P Active
7807AK2QGEORGED FP All Retired
7811VE7JZJOHN  F  Retired
7815K0SRESTEVE EFP Inactive/Active/Active
7818WA2ERTTED E   Active
7820N2WKLTRENT   P Retired
7822KD5RCZBILL  F  Retired
7824AD7EMDEAN  FP Active/Retired
7825K7DVDDAVED    Retired
7845W4RHBROBERT  F  Inactive
7848K1MSUJIM   P Active
7858VA7JSFJIMD    Retired
7862AK4LNFRANK E P Both Inactive
7867W8DMZMICK   P Retired
7873KA5QKLJIM EF  Both Retired
7880WO2CDOC E   Active
7882KC2VUBMIKE  F  Inactive
7894KS1PPAUL E   Active
7897N5TZHRICKY E P Both Active
7913WB2IVNMIKE EF  Both Active
7919NZ4ZSTEVEDEFP Inactive/Inactive/Inactive/Active
7961KF4PDHPETE E   Retired
7970AC8AY/KG4AYDAVE  F  Active
7985K0RKDKEITH EF  Both Retired
7987N7WGRPAT EF  Both Active
8003KD0NJLDANIELD  P Inactive/Active
8015KJ4OWKSTEVE   P Active
8019W8MRLROBDEF  All Inactive
8029WV8KDCKEN  F  Retired
8034KD5VMVTIMDEFP Inactive/Active/Active/Retired
8036N4VFIPAUL EFP All Retired
8038W3WOTPALMER  F  Retired
8040AE5DSDAVID  FP Inactive/Retired
8049WK4WKRAY   P Active
8053NU1HMICHAELD F  Both Inactive
8055K7EMRROB E   Retired
8057K0JCCJEREMY   P Active
8062KF5MECDOUG   P Inactive
8068W7RNXJOE EF  Both Retired
8089KC5EVCJOHN EF  Both Retired
8090KW6JIMJIM   P Retired
8094WB8LESLES   P Inactive
8095K9WENBILL  F  Retired
8099KB7ARNROGER  F  Retired
8101N2ROQBEN EF  Both Active
8105KD4SVNMARK E   Inactive
8106KC0GPGEORGE  F  Retired
8119KK6DDOUG   P Retired
8122W1SNEAL  F  Retired
8125WA2ZOUBOB EF  Both Active
8132KJ4LZMJOE E   Inactive
8142KD0QPASCOTT  F  Inactive
8143K0PVWROB EF  Both Active
8146KD8MSCSAM EF  Both Inactive
8147KJ4ITJERRY   P Retired
8153ND4BTDAND  P Both Retired
8157N1ALWAL E   Inactive
8160N4CNCJASON EF  Active/Inactive
8167W9KDXSAM  F  Retired
8176WO0KCJ EFP All Inactive
8186K6RWMBOB   P Retired
8198W4XENCALEBD  P Both Inactive
8199K6REBBOB E P Inactive/Retired
8201KD0QYUBILL E P Both Retired
8203W7JETBRIANDEF  All Inactive
8226NB9ZPAUL EF  Both Active
8231K9XWXTIM E   Inactive
8232KD7DGKMIKE   P Retired
8233K9IPOJOHN   P Retired
8237K5REPRICKDEF  Inactive/Retired/Active
8244KF7DPTDON   P Active
8248KD0HHYJIM E P Both Active
8252KB6OJMIKE   P Retired
8269WB7LCSDAVID   P Active
8270AE5USMIKED  P Both Inactive
8271K6NJJOEL   P Active
8278KF5ETJCHUCK E   Retired
8298W4QYVAVERY  F  Active
8308AE7USROCKYD    Inactive
8323KD7ADHJERRY EFP Active/Active/Inactive
8325W9HVVJOHN  F  Retired
8326K7CEPJAMES E   Active
8331N1KPWGREG  F  Inactive
8332K2LOGRON   P Active
8336NM9BJIM EF  Both Retired
8338W0AFSJAY   P Retired
8361NU3DBILL   P Retired
8365W7KVAMARK   P Active
8367KF0SVMICHAELD    Inactive
8372KJ4KKISTEVEN EFP Active/Inactive/Inactive
8379N7OCCMIKED F  Both Retired
8380KC9CLFWILLIE  FP Both Inactive
8384KE7MROSCOTT  FP Inactive/Active
8391K4KRKRANDY   P Inactive
8393NC4SASTEVE EF  Both Active
8396NA7CSCURT  FP Inactive/Retired
8401KL3CVTIM   P Inactive
8410N5ZVWBOB   P Inactive
8414KJ0DYJODY EF  Active/Inactive
8421KF5QQCHAYNES   P Retired
8431KE7AMDJON E   Active
8434KN2LEOMARTY   P Active
8440KB5NFLTERRY  F  Active
8449KA0SOHDONN   P Retired
8459KD0SMVSETH EF  Both Active
8462KC0MVFJASOND    Active
8473KG4EYGARTHUR  FP Both Inactive
8474NZ5CBETTYD  P Both Retired
8475KB6YPAT   P Retired
8491K5RWBROBERT EF  Both Retired
8496KF7RCZRON   P Active
8497WX9WLWAYNEDEFP Active/Active/Inactive/Active
8503N5YHMBRIAN   P Active
8509KC2TIPJOHN  F  Retired
8524KB1KSMJON   P Active
8526WW4JFJOHN EFP All Active
8531KE4AIECHARLIEDEF  Inactive/Active/Active
8541W7KFCTOM EF  Both Active
8554KC8KESDOUG   P Retired
8558AF6PIGREG   P Active
8560K1KTNPAUL E   Active
8568W2FSKJOHNDEF  Inactive/Active/Active
8569N0AKFLARRYD    Active
8573KA3MKYBILLDEF  All Retired
8575WB0ENXEDD    Inactive
8579KF7RCMWAYNE E   Active
8583N8CFMDAVED    Retired
8586W2VIBBOB  F  Active
8588N3QVBANDY  F  Retired
8591KF7WJYTIMOTHY EF  Both Retired
8596KE5DPEKEVIN   P Active
8597K9GLNGLENN EFP Inactive/Inactive/Retired
8599W1QBIDAN  F  Active
8606W1AESAL EF  Both Active
8607N4WSHRON E P Both Retired
8608KD8STAJIM   P Retired
8611W4VFFKEVIN EF  Both Active
8631WB2SMEERNIE   P Retired
8632W1RHHROBDEF  Active/Inactive/Inactive
8638WA3GMGREG   P Retired
8641AI0ADAVE  F  Active
8648N2KOJERICDEF  Retired/Active/Active
8664VE7CQECHARLESDE   Both Retired
8669KD8SZZCOREY E   Active
8676WD3BDENNIS E   Inactive
8679W7OSIKEN   P Retired
8680WA4BWODAVID   P Retired
8684W4AETLARRY   P Retired
8688N8MWSPETER  F  Retired
8701KB3ZUKJEFF   P Retired
8707KC9TXMPRESTON  F  Inactive
8719KC5FMLLOYDDE   Both Inactive
8728KJ6YXIMIGUEL   P Active
8750W2HOGJIM   P Retired
8752K6UDABOB   P Active
8760W5LIFSTEPHEN   P Inactive
8761K1JNXBRUCE  F  Inactive
8762N9RWGANDRE   P Inactive
8772N3DGJDARYL  F  Inactive
8782N8VILSEAN   P Active
8788W2KWOKEITH E   Inactive
87902M0DDSDAVIDD  P Both Retired
8796AE7YITERRY EF  Both Inactive
8808W2BZTBRIAND  P Both Retired
8810KG7BXZSETH EFP All Active
8821N8SNWALLEN  F  Active
8829KD0DKDAVE   P Active
8831KD8SPFSTEVE EF  Both Inactive
8833NO7ONMIKE E   Inactive
8844KF5TPTJIM  F  Inactive
8861KB4RUCRAIG EF  Both Active
8878NG8ATOM E P Retired/Active
8886KO3UDAVEDEF  Inactive/Active/Active
8894K4XBTOMMY  F  Inactive
8906KE6LOURICHARD E   Inactive
8907KK4NESBLAKE   P Inactive
8912VE2OCHMICHEL   P Retired
8913K0FGFRED  F  Active
8939AI4UZTOM  F  Retired
8946W7XKJOHN E   Active
8954KD4EYFMARK EF  Active/Retired
8961K7CPYDENNIS   P Retired
8966N8UADMIKE E   Inactive
8971AB3NEALLEN  F  Retired
8976KA3XMICHAELD    Retired
8978WA4ZZTIM   P Active
8979K6GUCREUBEN   P Retired
8999K5KTFJIM  F  Inactive
9002NQ1SFROSTY   P Active
9004AA0RRRICHDE   Both Retired
9021WU2MROCCO EF  Both Inactive
9023KB5NURJUAN   P Inactive
9024W3LHJOHN E   Active
9035KD8SPJLLOYD  F  Retired
9043KF4TCCHRIS  F  Inactive
9048N4ATTRICK   P Retired
9096NZ9DLEE   P Inactive
9098W1NZWJOHN   P Retired
9121K0MWMMICHAEL EF  Both Active
9122W5SBUCHARLES  F  Inactive
9125K6JBHROBDEF  All Active
9134KB3AMHDON E   Active
9142WY9SCHRISTOPHER EF  Both Inactive
9147KK4NUJBOB  F  Retired
9148KC9WDSMARK  F  Active
9155KD5BGWCHARLES   P Active
9160N4GFGGREG EF  Both Inactive
9173KD8ATFRYAN EF  Both Active
9192KF4EJSCHRIS   P Retired
9197KG6HQDJERRY   P Active
9199KD0PBJRALPH   P Retired
9202K6METERRY  F  Retired
9207KK4SGFCRAIGD    Inactive
9210N5CAACHRIS EF  Both Inactive
9213K8EMSMIKE E   Retired
9214KD8AMNJIM  F  Retired
9228KD2ARUJIM E   Retired
9236VY1MABMARK EF  Both Inactive
9240KD0RMFRICK EFP All Active
9257KA5NDHMARK E   Inactive
9264WS0QBILLY E   Active
9269K4HICLARK   P Active
9271N4XXOALFRED   P Retired
9273KF7GCTHOMAS   P Inactive
9286KV4MECOLE EF  Both Inactive
9292KK6ABZJANDE   Both Retired
9321W4TRMTHOMAS   P Active
9322W4KMGKRISTOPHER  FP Both Inactive
9323WA8RPKTHOMASD    Retired
9324N2LBLTRACY   P Active
9345KF4HBDGARY EF  Both Active
9352KB1MKYALEXIS EF  Active/Inactive
9360AC2MSLEEDE P Retired/Inactive/Inactive
9362K0TAKTHOMAS   P Inactive
9377KC0OUZADAMDE   Both Active
9388AD0NMVINCE   P Retired
9393K4DRRDENNISDEF  All Retired
9395N5GGGDAVED F  Retired/Inactive
9467N3OVJOE   P Retired
9488W4BDKWILLIAM EF  Both Retired
9512KA5DONROBERT E   Retired
9516N1YZODARYLL   P Active
9521W5TMPTERRY   P Inactive
9522N2BTZJONDEF  Inactive/Active/Inactive
9525AF5SWKEVIN  F  Inactive
9527AF7ELROBERT   P Inactive
9535N9NBCANDREW EF  Both Inactive
9560KD2ERRDAVIDD    Retired
9566WA8KQFRONALD   P Active
9574W7DLMDAVID   P Active
9578WA5UFOENRIQUED F  Both Inactive
9584KF7BABRADLEY   P Inactive
9597K0EKSTEVEN EFP All Active
9598KK9DANDANNY  F  Active
9603KZ3TDANIELD  P Both Retired
9614W9TLVTHOMAS. L   P Retired
9618K7WLHWILLIAM  FP Active/Retired
9622AC0HFCHARLESDE   Both Active
9637W0NEODUANE EFP Active/Inactive/Retired
9645WA5AMPDENNISDE P Inactive/Inactive/Retired
9648WV0CQJOHN  F  Retired
9657AA7FARLEN EF  Both Inactive
9664WD4HBCGEORGE  FP Both Retired
9668W4BIXJEFFREY EF  Both Retired
9671KF7PDQCHARLES   P Retired
9677KI3TJOHN  F  Inactive
9684K0VKMTHOMAS  F  Inactive
9697K1QQAROBERT EF  Both Retired
9706K5SMDSHANNON  FP Both Inactive
9729KK4WMGMARK E   Retired
9732K5EBRCHAD EFP Active/Active/Inactive
9751K9ILJELIJAH EF  Both Active
9764WX2CIBDAVIDDEF  All Inactive
9772N5KPKCLIFF EF  Both Retired
9780W6PNYMAC   P Retired
9796W3SCAGEORGE EF  Both Inactive
9807KG7HHGWILLIAM EF  Both Active
9814VE7GPGGREGORY   P Retired
9826KD5WVLSEAND  P Inactive/Active
9846KU4LBRIAN   P Active
9852K6BBBROBERTDEFP Retired/Inactive/Retired/Retired
9892AD0LVJAMES  FP Retired/Inactive
9898W7HDRONNY   P Retired
9927K4APDKENNETH   P Retired
9972KG7HJNDAVE EF  Both Active
9973W8LPNJUSTIN EF  Active/Retired
9979VE3DCXJAMES   P Retired
10003N9ARBANTHONY EF  Both Retired
10016N3GJBGEOFFREY EF  Inactive/Active
10023KD8YWFJAMES EF  Both Inactive
10027N3HWHHARRY  F  Inactive
10035KC2MBVFRANKD    Active
10043K2ATZLAWRENCE   P Retired
10049W5KMHCARLD F  Both Retired
10064K6KCHKENNETH EF  Both Inactive
10085KD8KCVDAVID  F  Inactive
10090KC5CAYBRIAND  P Both Inactive
10097KM4EMRDAVID  FP Both Active
10099KE0ABSDOUG   P Inactive
10106KK4DEOWOODY  FP Retired/Active
10124K2POWRONALD E   Inactive
10130W9BBFMICHAEL   P Retired
10146N8ICPBOB EF  Both Retired
10153KC9VUQBENJAMIN E   Active
10177K0ALNROBERT E P Both Retired
10179WE5TMTIMOTHY  FP Both Inactive
10201N5MJMICHAEL EF  Both Active
10212WM3JMICHAEL EF  Both Inactive
10219KJ0PJOHN   P Active
10234W5GASBRENT EF  Both Active
10265K5JFNJOHN EF  Both Retired
10275KC2PRZBRYAN E   Inactive
10281AA1NAKIRKDE   Both Inactive
10282KF5SRRICHARD E P Both Active
10309N3TWMEVAN  F  Active
10320AD0FBDOUGLAS  F  Active
10341KE8AMCTHOMAS EF  Both Retired
10344WA1MOWGARY EFP Active/Inactive/Retired
10349WS5BCHRIS  F  Retired
10358K4JGAJOSE   P Retired
10359W2MWHMICHAEL  F  Active
10380N9TCMARSHALL   P Active
10390AA5YYSTEPHEN  F  Inactive
10397K6SPYJAMES   P Active
10399K3OZBJACKDEF  Active/Inactive/Inactive
10412KL0ALMARTIN EFP All Retired
10414K5FRTGARNER  F  Inactive
10448N7SNWCHAMPE EF  Both Active
10452K7CTMTHOMAS  F  Active
10454KB9YDXDAVID EFP Inactive/Inactive/Active
10497N2SVNATHAN  F  Retired
10518KB2KBCFRANK   P Retired
10520NZ4DXFREDERICK   P Retired
10529KK6NWJGEORGE E   Inactive
10534N7NSAKEN(CODY)D  P Retired/Inactive
10578KA2LHOKRAIGDEF  All Retired
10584KK4ITXJOHN EF  Both Retired
10626W2GLDGERALDDEFP Inactive/Active/Active/Inactive
10632W2GCMGREGORY  F  Inactive
10634AB0RRMIKE  F  Retired
10638AA1SQJOHN EF  Both Active
10646KB1CSIJOHN EF  Both Retired
10650KE0HEWDAVID   P Active
10656N3UJMTHOMAS  F  Inactive
10666KB3YDTTIMOTHY EFP Active/Inactive/Active
10672K7PACJAMES EF  Both Retired
10676KW4TPSTEVE E   Inactive
10678N7LXXALAN   P Retired
10683KE0GXNANTONIO   P Active
10685K6IPOPETER  F  Retired
10712K8RPMRICHARDD  P Both Retired
10720KG5FQTCONRAD   P Active
10743K9BMHBRIAN  FP Both Inactive
10748W3MJAMICHAEL E   Inactive
10760K3NPANDREW E   Inactive
10761NR3CMICHAEL EF  Both Inactive
10782N0JDWKEVIN  F  Inactive
10785KI3NKENNETHD    Active
10790KB0NAVRANDALL  F  Retired
10806W4FHBFRANK E   Inactive
10814KG5NFECARL   P Inactive
10820N9QIYBRUCEDEF  All Retired
10838K9EMDMICHAELDEF  Active/Active/Inactive
10869KE6LLRICK EF  Both Retired
10892KA0ENUJOSEPH E   Retired
10909K4VLROBERT  F  Active
10925NO7ECHRISTOPHERDEF  Inactive/Inactive/Retired
10928K1KMCKEVIN   P Retired
10929VE3XYYSHAWN   P Active
10940AC2GDTIMOTHY  F  Retired
10941KK4OGMRONALD   P Inactive
10950KZ7ILEONARD   P Retired
10956KC4SITERNEST   P Retired
10958KL3ZJSILAS EFP Inactive/Inactive/Active
10974KI6YUJMICHAEL EF  Both Retired
10977WB2MSBMAURY EF  Both Active
10981WB9JPHJOHN   P Retired
10982AI1UANTHONYD FP Retired/Inactive/Active
10986KC2OSRSAMUEL  F  Active
10987N9BDJOSEPH EF  Both Inactive
10997W8JMZJAMES   P Inactive
10998AG4DDDANIEL  FP Both Inactive
11018W1TTTDAVID EF  Both Active
11024KB9MEJLUCAS  F  Active
11048W2TTHAROLD EFP Retired/Active/Retired
11049KG4NMXJOHN EF  Both Retired
11064K2VTTJOHN E P Inactive/Retired
11067WX5SCTSPENCERD    Active
11071K3BTRBRET  F  Active
11095AI6MQGEOFF  F  Active
11098K4TNKDAVID  F  Inactive
11100N4RDWROGER EF  Both Retired
11105K2FYANGELO   P Active
11113KK4BKBRIAN EFP All Inactive
11120AD0UDRICHARD  F  Inactive
11124KD2KDTGLENN  F  Active
11151KK1AKARL  F  Retired
11157KA4KSBWILLIAM   P Retired
11174N6DJSDANIELDE   Active/Inactive
11185KS0TDTONY EF  Both Active
11193N9YBKMATTHEWD  P Both Retired
11209W2MJPMICHAEL J   P Active
11232KE8HBYWILLIAM EF  Both Active
11236N4MAWMICHAEL  F  Inactive
11247KE0FQSMICHAEL    P Active
11258W7TJTTHOMAS EF  Both Active
11262KC1EKBWAYNEDEF  All Retired
11290KC1UASCOTTD    Active
11292W1UEDDANIEL  F  Active
11296WA6QJFROBERT EF  Both Retired
11298KC2RCUGRANT EF  Both Retired
11301KE8CVATERRY   P Inactive
11335AE4TICHRIS   P Active
11345W3ENGDAVID EF  Both Active
11355N4BAKGEORGE   P Inactive
11363KC3IVKTIMOTHY  F  Active
11369VE3KCYKEN  F  Retired
11381N8DWHDALE EF  Both Retired
11388N7JPJOHN E   Active
11390N8ROYROY EFP Inactive/Inactive/Retired
11406KK4PCNORMAN   P Retired
11408KK4IMGLOUIS   P Retired
11415W1XMMBRIAN EF  Both Retired
11422KD9HIGZACHARY  FP Both Retired
11433KG5UHYJASON   P Retired
11434K3UHUWILLIAM  F  Inactive
11442KN4BWIJAMES  F  Active
11448K8DLHDENNIS EFP Retired/Retired/Inactive
11461KN4GQBSLOAN   P Retired
11463W5HRSRANDY EFP All Active
11465KK4AVIROBERTDE   Active/Inactive
11479K4FBIMICHAEL   P Retired
11487W1HMMHARRYDEF  Inactive/Active/Inactive
11495N5BIGCURTISDEF  Active/Inactive/Active
11510WD0CZCRANDY  F  Active
11518WD4DYJACK   P Retired
11527K5EJBERICD  P Both Active
11536KD8PPHJOSEPH   P Active
11551K2WEKWILLIAM EF  Inactive/Active
11563K8KDDKEVINDEF  All Active
11565W1ZFBMICHAEL   P Active
11589KB5ZEADANNY  F  Active
11603KF5UEZEDUARDOD F  Both Inactive
11611WA1TOMTHOMAS EF  Both Active
11638KT2NYCJOSEPHD  P Both Active
11639KC1EXLBRYN E   Active
11643K9KGMROBERT   P Active
11672AD0UUPAULDE   Both Retired
11674KE0ARRMICHAEL  FP Both Retired
11675W4MAVMIKE  F  Retired
11689K7FDRFREDERIC   P Retired
11699ND4AAJ ANTHONY  FP Active/Inactive
11705KN4JEEGEORGE E   Active
11738KG5ZMUBRUCEDE P Retired/Inactive/Retired
11741KD9ESKHALE   P Retired
11748W9EZTODD EF  Both Active
11754W0INFAARON EFP Active/Active/Inactive
11761KN4MISSCOTT   P Active
11803K6GPSCOTT  F  Retired
11815K4WDYTERRY E P Inactive/Retired
11829WT3CTHOMAS   P Retired
11834WX8JDMJOHN E   Retired
11867W1FSHWILLIAM   PRBoth Active
11878K8AMHAARON    RActive
11891KB9RQXDALE  F  Retired
11892W2MDMMICHAEL   P Retired