OM of the Year Ballot 2018

This is the On-Line Ballot for the OM of The Year Award.
All members are eligible to vote for OM of The Year.
You may vote only once. All votes will be tracked and verified.
Members with at least one full year are eligible to receive this award.
Highest OMISS member number eligible to receive the 2018 OM of The Year Award is #11400.

Voting Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 -- IP Address

Voting for OM of the Year is closed at the present time

A plaque will be awarded to the person voted by the general membership as the best operator for the year. Candidates for this award must be a member for the full calendar year, Jan 1 thru Dec 31. The award is open to any member meeting the requirement. TOP OPs of the month automatically receive 1 vote for each month they are elected that year, provided they meet the one-year requirement.

Voting commences on January 1 and closes the last day the month. The winner will be announced by the 5th of February. All votes must be forwarded to the Awards Manager in written form and delivered by either email or postage mail. Recipients receive permanent V.I.P. status.