For those who have possibly never operated in a QSO Party or contest atmosphere, here's a few tips and hints to make your OMISS QSO PARTY experience easier and fun:

There are 2 basic ways of operating: CQ-ing and HUNT AND POUNCE:

Find a frequency that is not in use and call "CQ OMISS QSO Party" until you are answered. Conduct your exchange with the station that called you, and then either call "QRZ?" or begin CQ-ing again.


Search the QSO Party suggested frequencies for stations calling CQ, answer them, and when they acknowledge you, work them. Then, continue hunting and searching for other stations participating in the QSO Party.

Remember that the operating frequencies listed in the Party rules are reference frequencies (as well as being our regular net frequencies). That is, they are only used to "mark" that area of a particular band where contest stations will be operating. Obviously, not everyone can simultaneously operate on only those frequencies alone. So that is why the notation "+ or - 25 kHz" is made. It is suggested that you tune up to 25 kHz either side of the reference frequency to find an open slot to CQ on, or find other contest stations to answer and work in the 50 kHz window of that band. This is a very popular technique, and it is used by many other organizations when they conduct their respective contests.

Multipliers can only be worked once for this contest. For example, if you work an OMISS member in Florida on 20m, then work that station again on 40m, you would get 4 QSO points - - 2 points per each contact with that station on two different bands. But, you could not count that state or province for a multiplier again after you worked them the first time, because you can only count multipliers once. Or, if you work a DX station in South Africa and then later in the contest you work another DX station in France, you would apply the appropriate QSO points for those contacts, but you can only count a DX multiplier once. You could count the South Africa contact for your 1 DX multiplier, but you couldn't count the France contact as an extra DX multiplier because only 1 DX multiplier is allowed. After you make a few contacts and begin to understand how this works, it's not hard at all.

The OMISS nets WILL operate during the 24 hour contest period. Contacts made on OMISS Nets DO NOT count towards the OMISS QSO PARTY.

This will be a great opportunity for OMISS members to spread the word about OMISS, while operating in the QSO Party. If someone answers your CQ OMISS QSO PARTY and asks you what that means, you can give them a brief description of our organization and refer them to the Net's web address. Be sure and talk OMISS up whenever you can!

QSLs: To keep the OMISS QSL Bureau from being overworked, do not send QSLs for stations worked during the OMISS QSO PARTY to the bureau. This contest is a completely separate operation from the OMISS nets and the OMISS QSL BUREAU. Only QSLs for contacts made during nets should go to the bureau. For contacts made in the QSO PARTY, QSL direct.

Operating in a contest can be rewarding and a LOT of fun. All it takes is the 2 P'S: Patience and Perseverance.

Make plans to operate in the OMISS QSO PARTY.

See you then and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!