2019 OMISS QSO Party

Electronic Submission Requiried

For 2019 and beyond it is required that you submit your log information as an ADIF file. Paper entries will not be accepted. Your logging program should be able to export your contacts in the ADIF format. (If you are using GenLog, use the 3rd link on the left to convert a GenLog ascii output file to an ADIF file.)

Once you have your ADIF file exported, you can use the 1st link on the left to pre-check your log. The log checker will calculate most of the information needed to complete the Summary Sheet.

Once you have checked/corrected your log you can upload the Log and the Summary Sheet using the 2nd link on the left.

Your entry is not complete until both a summary sheet and a log are submitted elecronically.. Incomplete submissions will be rejected and must be resubmitted before the deadline.

Entries must be susbmitted no later than March 1, 2019. Late entries will not be accepted.

Contest Time Period: 1500Z 09 Feb to 1500Z 10 Feb, 2019

Mode & Entry Class: Single-sideband only, Single-Op only.

Reference Frequencies: 1.930, 3.825, 7.185, 14.290, 21.395, and 28.665 (+ or - 25 kHz).

Exchange: Callsign, signal report, State/Province/DX, and OMISS #. (Participating DX stations send "DX")

QSO Points:
2 points for each OMISS member worked.
1 point for each non-OMISS member worked.

Multipliers: 65 Possible: 50 states plus DC, 13 Canadian provinces/territories, and 1 DX.

Power Multipliers:
QRP less than or equal to 10w: x 3
LO less than or equal to 100w: x 2
HI greater than 100w: x 1

Mobile Bonus: Any station running mobile for the entire duration of the QSO Party, add 500 points to FINAL SCORE.

Score: Total QSO points x The Power Multiplier x Total Multipliers (Plus any Bonus).

* OMISS nets WILL operate as usual during the contest period.
* Contacts made while participating in the QSO party are NOT valid for any other OMISS Awards
* Operation on net frequencies (except of course during a scheduled net) or adjacent frequencies is acceptable and encouraged.
* Count Multipliers only once.
* You may work the same station once per band.
* Duplicate QSOs will not be counted.
* QSL DIRECT ONLY. Use of the OMISS QSL Buro for the QSO Party is not permitted.

AWARDS: A handsome certificate will be awarded to the first 3 finishers in each US state, Canadian province, and DX country. Certificates will also go to the top 10 National finishers.

LOG ENTRIES: Must be uploaded no later than MARCH 1, 2019
You MUST submit your contest logs and summaries electronically using the link to the left of this page. You will need to send in log info (preferably in ADIF file format, such as Netlogger exports) and your Summary Sheet, also available in the sidebar.

2020 Dates: 1500Z 08 Feb to 1500Z 09 Feb

2020 Dates: 1500Z 08 Feb to 1500Z 09 Feb